Introducing Woodbridge Capital Advisors: Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Real Estate

Partner in Commercial Real Estate

Welcome to the newly launched website of Woodbridge Capital Advisors! We’re thrilled to share this new platform with you, which we believe will enhance our ability to deliver top-tier commercial real estate and business brokerage services.

Meet Our Expert Team

Our team comprises highly respected and sought-after commercial real estate brokers, including Mike Herring and Andy Stahlman.

Mike Herring: The Veteran Broker

Mike is renowned in the Twin Cities area for his dedication, strategic thinking, and ability to negotiate complex real estate deals. His background in law and service in the US Army instilled a strong sense of discipline, integrity, and service that he brings to his work daily. With a niche in commercial real estate and business acquisitions, Mike’s legal education gives him a solid foundation in real estate law, crucial to his success as a commercial real estate broker.

Andy Stahlman: The Renewable Technology Guru

Andy joined the Woodbridge team after seven years of developing commercial solar arrays nationwide. He offers a wealth of knowledge in renewable technology, including solar, wind, and EV charging, which can be crucial when maximizing your facilities’ NOI. Andy’s unique expertise helps property owners produce their power, install covered parking with solar carports, and reduce consumption with energy-saving measures such as white roof coating.

Our Services

As experienced Partner in Commercial Real Estate, we understand the local market deeply. We can guide you through the buying, selling, or leasing process, whether you are looking for office space, retail space, or industrial property. We believe in tailoring our services to your needs, from market analysis and property valuation to lease negotiation and transaction management.

The sale of your company is a crucial turning point in your entrepreneurial path, and at Woodbridge Capital Advisors, we recognize this. As seasoned business brokers, we take great satisfaction in providing unmatched services that go above and beyond just executing a trade.

Why Choose Woodbridge Capital Advisors?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency, integrity, and responsiveness. You can trust us to provide honest and accurate information, act in your best interest, and communicate clearly and promptly throughout the process. We are here to ensure a smooth and successful experience for all parties.

Stay Updated with Our Blog

Check out our blog for insights and updates on commercial real estate and business brokerage needs. We take the time to listen, understand, and tailor our services to your individual needs.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to provide exceptional service and expertise to help you achieve your commercial real estate goals. Contact us for a consultation And You can Check Our Location.